Honor Society

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Honor Society

Simple as Surgery, Junior Doctor, Una Jensen, Amanda Tarver

Fri, March 22, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


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This event is 18 and over

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Honor Society
Honor Society
It's a few hours before doors open at Irving Plaza in New York City. A line wraps around the city block. A
site that draws the investigative eyes of even the most veteran New Yorkers. The marquee reads: HONOR
SOCIETY. The name seems familiar, yet enigmatic, and while both Rolling Stone and MTV have already
weighed-in to validate the rock outfit, the band is still not yet the household name they are destined to

Honor Society's highly anticipated new EP, Serendipity, only further points towards this inevitability.
Serendipity is clearly an evolutionary step forward, showcasing the band's most personal material to date
and cracked the Top 10 on the iTunes Rock charts as an independent release (Fair Isle/Go Entertainment)
in its first week. At the helm of the latest offering, is multi-Grammy award winning producer Mike
Mangini, who has lauded this effort as, "a mature rock sound... ready for the masses".

The first single "Serendipity" is set to head to radio this fall while the band resumes touring on the west
coast before heading home to NYC to celebrate the release of the EP.

Fueled by a mutual interest in the pop music of the 80's, Honor Society began when singer/guitarist
Michael Bruno reconnected with his high school friend, keyboardist/guitarist Jason Rosen, after
graduating NYU. The two immersed themselves into the project, placing a premium on song writing and
musicianship. The additions of bassist, Andrew Lee Schmidt, and drummer, Alexander Noyes, only
reinforced their vision and the band quickly garnered attention - landing them a deal with Hollywood

Their major label debut, Fashionably Late, exploded to #18 on the Billboard Top 200 and the music world
took note. Rolling Stone named them a breakout band. MTV Buzzworthy dubbed the band "One to
Watch". The buzz was palpable and Honor Society spent the remainder of that year and the next on tour
with the likes of Timbaland, Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks, The Fray and Neon Trees.

Now, the next chapter sits on the horizon and Honor Society holds all the cards: A new EP, with arena-
ready anthems, a charged live show to match, and a sharper focus on what made the band so special in the
first place - the music. "We feel like this music is a natural progression for us," says lead singer/guitarist
Michael Bruno, "it's a step in a new, more refined direction that both old and new fans can connect with."

The house lights start to dim at Irving Plaza and the anticipation begins to boil over. The crowd comes to
life, erupting into a deafening roar - Honor Society is about to take the stage. "This is what we live for,"
says Jason, "this rush of adrenaline and the personal experience of a concert... we won't stop until
everyone experiences it".

Honor Society is the music industry's best kept secret, but don't expect it to remain that way. The secret is
getting out.
Simple as Surgery
Simple as Surgery
We are a Pop-Rock band from Georgia. Our new record 'Under Control' is out now! You should pick it up! We love each and every one of you and could not thank you enough for supporting us in our musical endeavors! Be sure to talk to us, We love to hear from all of you!
Junior Doctor
Junior Doctor
Attending a prestigious, yet undisclosed, med-school in 2007, Junior Doctor began at a slow burn. With a few member changes, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Mark Hartman, enlisted the creative energy of classmates Jarrod Kearney (drums) and Richard Peidro (bass). When the time came to prepare their next move, they were ready. The three boys left med-school and used their tuition money to purchase musical equipment and released the Take The Pain EP with notable producer Matt Goldman (Cartel, Underoath, Anberlin). Now that the slow burn has transformed into a healthy blaze, and with the help of incredibly dedicated fans, it's spreading toward your hometown faster and faster every day.

Junior Doctor has become the Space Coast's flagship power-pop quartet with the members making Cocoa Beach their home base. With their roaring guitar lines, pounding rhythmic sequences and energetic live shows it's no wonder the band is gathering state wide momentum. The "What I Do" music video has had over 50,000 views on YouTube and 101.1 WJRR in Orlando has played the single in rotation on its native noise program. The word is spreading far past Florida as the band has had over a million plays on their MySpace page

The band was anxious to get back into the studio after writing 25 new songs this past year. To ring in the New Year, Junior Doctor has released their first full length album "Clumsy Words and Bad Pickup Lines." The band narrowed down the songs and they feel like they are growing as writers and musicians. At the end of the recording process the band had the opportunity to write and record with the all star production team of Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Go Radio). It went so well that they decided to pushed back the release date and they had Zack and Kenneth mix the whole record.

Recently Terrance Donnelly ("Teepes") has joined as lead guitarist and backup vocals. He has added another dimension to the band with his musical training and his harmony singing compliments Mark's lead vocal styles.

How it is that Junior Doctor strikes an almost perfect balance between hook-laden pop and rock is unclear. How Mark's songs seem to resonate with so many people is a grand mystery as well. There is however, one thing that is certain.
Una Jensen
Una Jensen
At age 6, Christmas lists for adolescent youth primarily consist of Barbie Dolls and toys. Una Jensen had something else in mind - a guitar.

Having an excellent ear as a child, Una quickly learned the four basic chords and immediately started putting vocal melodies to rhythm structures. It was clear that she was turning out vocals and arrangements far beyond her years - and with virtually no training. With supportive parents on her side, it came as no surprise when the pre-teen began dominating local singing and talent competitions.

Una tracked her first demo at age 12, and it wasn't long before her raw talent caught the attention of producers Chris Kirkpatrick and Mike Bosch. Kirkpatrick, the multi-platinum selling, former 'N Sync member invited the songstress to Orlando to co-write and record two more songs. The collaboration was a clear eye-opener - with a generation glued to the TV watching American Idol, Una Jensen is creating her dreams.

When asked what inspired Una to become so heavily involved in writing music at such a young age, her humbling response was simple: "I write because it feels amazing to sit down and put together something that makes you, or someone else, feel a certain way." Una is without a doubt focused on the art and her mature talent has been dazzling everyone within reach. Every aspect of her songs are crafted on her own terms, right down to the foundation.

Now, at age 15, there's no argument that Una Jensen is destined for a bright future. When questioned about her goals and aspirations, instead of the stereotypical response of "becoming a star", she casually states: "I want to record more and learn more about the process of recording. I want to collaborate. I want to be experienced. I want to know more about music in general."
Venue Information:
40 Watt Club
285 West Washington St
Athens, GA, 30601